Introducing South Korea

First of all, I will take you through some basic facts about South Korea in order open the doors towards an extravagant world of culture, trends, politics, development, economy, tourism and so much more. Beginning with the constituent of South Korea;

Population 51,268,825

The statistic shows the total population of South Korea from 2012 to 2017, with the projection up until 2022, Source Statista 2018

South Korea is known as The Republic of Korea located in the southern part of Korea peninsula. The land ares covers 99,392 and has the population of 51.34 million in 2019. The capital of the country is the magnificent Seoul. The major languages used in the country is Korean and English and the ethnicity of the country is homogeneous meaning 99% of the population are Korean in background.

South Korea based on religion.

South Korea is a country that believes in freedom of religion. The main religions are Buddhism, Confucianism and Christianity, along with broad range of religious beliefs. With freedom in religious believes Korea has its own culture, language, attire and cuisine. Following Confucianism Koreans believe in hard work, filial piety and modesty. The country has high value for education and they believe in paving their path with knowledge and art in order to attain status and success.

Source: CAPX Photo credit:
Chung Sung-Jun / Getty Images

South Koreans are very humble in nature and that can be seen through their etiquette, starting with the importance of greeting “the bow”

to be continued……..

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